how to return Amazon items

首先,請至 Your Account > Your Orders 中點選 Return items,接著勾選要退貨的商品。

建議可以點選 CHAT NOW 直接與客服一對一對話,確認退貨細節。

C is Customer Service
M is me

C: so the item was not working from the beginning right?
M: yes
C: I see, in this case we can either send a new one or refund the money, what do you prefer?
M: send a new one is okay
C: we can send a new one to you and you have to send the old one to us within 30 days
C: to the same address right?

M: can Amazon pay the international shipping fee if I return the product back from Taiwan?
C: yes, if you keep the invoice of paying it, so you pay first and then we refund

C: so the new order number is: xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx
C: estimated delivery date 14. November 2022
C: and here#s your return label :
C: you will receive all this information via Email too

因為我選擇再寄一個新的商品給我,馬上就看到訂單中多了一張 0 元的訂單。


Return Label

Commercial Invoice

Give this invoice to the carrier you select to ship your return package. The invoice is required for customs. The carrier will not be able to return your package to Amazon without it.

Commercial Invoice

Affix this to the outside of your return package


Return Mailing Label

Cut this label and affix to the outside of the return package


Hazmat Label

Cut this label and affix to the outside of the return package


Return Authorisation Label

Cut this and place inside the return package

這張要放在包裹內,以利 Amazon 人員處理後續流程。

退貨過程一波三折,因為商品含有電池的關係,DHL 個人不收、中華郵政也不收(行員說歐美只要有電池就會被退件,只會浪費郵資),無奈之餘,我只好再與客服溝通,第一次與客服聯繫他和我說 UPS 可以收,在我致電詢問後,發現要提供的資料實在是很刁鑽,要提供電池的淨重和電量(WTF 鬼才會知道)。

M: I can't find the way to return the ole one, because the carrier say I can't send items that contain batteries.
Can you arrange carrier to picked up the items?
C: Thank you so much for sharing your concern with me. I will surely help you.
C: I have checked the order detail and can see that we do not have pickup option for the order.
So, I am glad get an exception of returnless replacement.

There is no need to return the item .
I have cancelled the return request created.
M: Can you send the confirmation email for me
C: Sure, I will send you an confirmation email after the end of this chat.
M: I appreciate it.
M: This troubled me for few days
C: Rest you can assure it is resolved completely.

finally 一次獲得退貨流程和不需要退回商品的成就(誤)。

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